Fly By Seaplane To Resorts World Bimini


There’s no better way to travel from Miami to Bimini. In only minutes you’ll be stepping onto Bimini ground, but your vacation truly begins the moment you step in the seaplane. We believe that adventure isn’t just about the destination, it’s about the journey. The seaplane isn’t just a way of getting to Bimini, it’s a way of starting your tropical vacation early.    

Tropic Ocean Airways now brings you flights to Bimini and you’ll have plenty of options for choosing the best time to travel and for a limited time all flights to Bimini are $250 roundtrip. 

Each seaplane is fully equipped to ensure you’re enjoying your flight. Lean back into the plush leather seats and look out for simply breathtaking views. Flying by seaplane gives you the ability to see the city of Miami and the island of Bimini from a whole new perspective. The seaplane flies low, hovering over some of the most beautiful sights you can imagine. As you fly over the coast of Miami, you’ll get an in-depth view of the skyline, which quickly turns into an endless view of baby blue skies and deep blue seas. Spot the vibrant coral reefs that pop into view amongst the spots of crystal clear waters. You’ll soon start seeing land as we soar over Bimini, giving you the opportunity to feast your eyes on the island you’re about to explore.

One of the aspects that make this method of traveling so unique is that it’s both a casual and intimate experience. The seaplane seats 8 people, making it a perfect option if traveling with family members or a group of friends. As you’re seated closely to the pilot, you’ll be able to get an immersive feel of the exhilaration of flying. Take pictures of you and your traveling party and the stunning views that float beyond the seaplane windows. Although you’ll be arriving to Bimini in only minutes, you might find yourself hoping the flight doesn’t end so soon – but no worries, there are plenty of equally thrilling things to do once landing on the island. From shore excursions like shark encounters and wild dolphin expeditions, to water activities like glass bottom kayak and Jet Ski rentals, the possibilities for fun are endless.

Fly away from your everyday worries and responsibilities. Fly away for breathtaking views, unique adventure, and exotic bliss. Adventure isn't only about the destination, it's about the journey.

Tropic Ocean Airways' seaplane flights from Miami to Bimini are available from Fort Lauderdale–Hollywood International Airport (FLL) or Miami Seaplane Base (MPB) to North Bimini Seaplane Base (NSB).

Fly Away For Bimini 

All seaplane flights are operated and sold by Tropic Ocean Airways.  Book today at


The Arrival 

Once you land in North Bimini, you’ll clear customs and depart the North Bimini Seaplane base.  Please board our complimentary shuttle to the Hilton at Resorts World Bimini.  If you are a Resorts World Condo guest, please also check in at the Hilton at Resorts World Bimini.


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