Some of the best diving in the Caribbean


Bimini is an absolute heaven for watersports lovers and adventurers. If you are looking for some quality vacation time, whether it is alone or with friends and family, venture to Bimini to experience a variety of spectacular Bimini adventures. Divers from around the world come to explore Bimini’s clear and calm waters and to try their hand at world-renowned Bimini water activities. The island’s waters are a wonder of nature and the visibility provides excellent underwater sporting conditions, especially for scuba diving and fishing. Even if you are not an avid diver, the calm, crystal blue waters and the clear skies provide an excellent getaway from the hustle and bustle of city life. While the best months for diving and fishing are from April to October, Bimini’s tropical weather stays steady year-round, providing fantastic visibility for visitors at any time. 

The intriguing underwater world of Bimini offers a variety of dives for visitors, including walls, reefs, drift dives, wrecks, and the Road to Atlantis, a must-see dive that claims to be part of the Lost City of Atlantis. The healthy reefs around the island also provide a kaleidoscopic display of sea life. Divers can get up close and personal with stingrays, manta rays, a large variety of fish, and colorful vegetation. With about 45 different species of sharks found in the Bahamas, divers can see sharks during dives, most times multiple species in a single spot. You may even be lucky enough to witness some of nature’s marvels, from lobster marches to the annual hammerhead migration. Your experiences with Bimini water activities will leave you with memories of a lifetime.

One can spend days surrounded by the beauty and colors of Bimini’s nature, and sense an instant feeling of calm serenity. Bimini adventures come in all shapes and forms, even for those looking to relax, meditate, and clear the mind alongside the gorgeous water of the island. Come to Bimini to experience not only the amazing water activities, but also to have a chance to breathe in the beauty and tranquility that the nature has to offer. Sit and stop for a second, relax and let yourself just live in the moment. Nothing is more peaceful than lying down on the beach, watching the sun go down as the waves crash into each other, creating everlasting moments of perfect harmony. 


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