Shore Excursions

Out of all the Bimini Bahamas Resorts that inhabit the island, there’s no destination quite like Resorts World Bimini. A Bimini vacation wouldn’t be complete without exploring the crystal clear waters that surround the land; that’s why we pride ourselves in offering the best of the best shore excursions and activities you could possibly imagine. From relaxing on a water hammock to swimming with sharks, there’s no limit to how you choose to spend your time on the island. We offer full-service Water Sports & Tours, as well as world-class Fishing & Diving – all fully arranged for guests of all ages, including equipment rentals, personal instruction, and guided tours.

Of all the Bimini Bahamas Resorts to choose from, there’s no option that plans out your vacation in the detail that Resorts World Bimini does.

Jet Ski Tour

Sapona Snorkeling Adventure

Shark Encounter

South Bimini Nature Tour

Wild Dolphin Expedition