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Bimini’s Wonders Highlights Of The Island

Discover the hidden gem of the Bahamas

Location & Proximity

50 MilesFrom Miami, Florida

30 MinutesBy Air & Seaplane

2 HoursBy Ferry & Yacht

Location & Proximity

Discover The Meaning Of
Bimini Bliss

Bimini is only 50 miles from Miami, yet a world away from the everyday. Preserved culture, historical landmarks, and natural wonders adorn this westernmost island of the Bahamas, beckoning travelers from around the world to explore. As the closest Caribbean island to the U.S. coast, Bimini is an easy private island escape. Here, the Gulf Stream and the Bahamas Bank embrace to define the meaning of Bimini Bliss. 

MRM[Discover stunning turquoise waters and miles of white-sand beaches. Dive in to explore a world of sunken ships, mystical landmarks, and some of the most diverse marine life in the world. Stroll through the streets of Bimini’s quaint towns and discover the friendly faces of locals eager to share stories of the history of their beloved island. Stop by the rustic conch stands and bakeries that scatter the island and taste the mouth-watering flavors of local specialties like conch salad and Bimini Bread. End your days watching the sun set in a breathtaking display of colors over the Caribbean Sea.]

bimini bliss In Minutes

Arriving to Bimini truly couldn't be easier. Fly direct from a variety of airports in the South Florida and New York areas, or catch a connecting flight with Jet Blue or United Airlines in either location. Hop on a ferry from Port Everglades or sail with your own boat and dock at our marina. Your private island escape awaits.

Discover Bimini’s Mysteries & Treasures

From mystery to history, uncover all the treasures to be found in your personal playground. Both on land and sea, the intimate island of Bimini abounds with natural beauty and historic sights. The locals, called Biminites, beam with island pride, and invite visitors to discover all the spots that make Bimini a true gem of the Caribbean.

MRM[Walking or cruising through the island on a golf cart, you’ll discover the Dolphin House and The Bimini Museum, each holding artifacts and memorabilia of the island’s history, including those from famous figures who made Bimini their second home.]

MRM[Both Martin Luther King, Jr. and Ernest Hemingway found inspiration in the calm waters that surround the island, spending their days in Bimini discovering pristine natural wonders. Hike through the forests and mangroves and you’ll find the historic Fountain of Youth and the Healing Hole. Test the waters of both and see if their magical healing powers hold truth.

Jump into the warm water and snorkel through the sunken S.S. Sapona, a relic from the Prohibition era, filled with stories waiting to unfold. Or swim along the Bimini Road, a formation of rocks believed to be artifacts from the Lost City of Atlantis. Discover every unforgettable piece of your personal playground.]

A Beloved Home To Ernest Hemingway

The great American novelist, Ernest Hemingway , fell in love with Bimini. Constantly in pursuit of the next great adventure, he became fascinated with its turquoise waters and vast marine life. He lived on the island from 1935-1937, spending his days drinking rum, boxing with the locals, boating, and fishing, always searching for the next big catch. 

MRM[Hemingway’s years spent exploring Bimini gave him the passion and insight to write The Old Man and the Sea, and Islands in the Stream - winning him a covetable Pulitzer Prize. Bimini wasn’t just Hemingway’s inspiration, it was his muse.]

“Ernest Hemingway”
by Toronto History is licensed under CC BY 2.0

An Inspiration To Martin Luther King, Jr.

Martin Luther King, Jr. experienced the purest form of peace in 1964 when he came to Bimini to write his Nobel Peace Prize acceptance speech. He found his inspiration in the calm waters and natural wonders of the island. Local boat builder, Ansil Saunders, served as Dr. King’s personal guide and would take him out into the mangroves for private reflection time.

MRM[Dr. King returned to Bimini in 1968 to write his Sanitation Workers speech – the last oration he would ever deliver. He wrote this speech in Saunders' wooden boat, deep in the Bimini mangroves, where he meditated on his dream for peace and equality.]

Journey Through Time With Ansil Saunders

Spend five minutes with bonefish legend Ansil Saunders and you’ll hear stories that some can only dream of experiencing for themselves. He holds the IGFA bonefishing record for a 16-pound catch, the 2003 Cacique Award, crafted a handmade shell necklace for the Queen of England, and chatted it up with Muhammad Ali. But his most renowned legacy is for something even more incredible.

MRM[When Martin Luther King Jr. came to Bimini in search of serenity to write his speeches, Saunders took him out on his personal boat to explore the island’s nature. Slowly cruising through Bimini’s vibrant mangrove forests, King found the inspiration to write his Noble Peace Prize acceptance speech. Saunders resides in Bimini to this day, still carrying the same pride and passion for the island that he once shared with King. Reserve a private mangrove tour with Ansil to fish, or just to listen in on the fascinating stories he has to share.]

Bimini Pride Comes Alive In The Dolphin House

The Dolphin House is a testament to true local Bimini pride, and is one of the most popular attractions in both the Nature Tour and the walking tour of Alice Town. Created in 1933 by local author and historian Ashley Saunders, the house was built solely utilizing materials found right on the shores of Bimini. 

MRM[Sand, rocks, shattered shells, colored glass, and giant conch shells make up this impressive soon-to-be three-story home. Saunter inside and you’ll find a mini Bimini museum filled with treasures like old cannon balls, photos of Ernest Hemingway, and items from the old Rod & Gun Club. Like his brother, Ansil Saunders, Ashley loves to share Bimini’s stories and show his pride for the island.]

Explore Bimini’s In Town Treasures

Whether you're walking or riding on your golf cart through the streets of North Bimini, you’ll discover the island’s most prized local spots. Get a taste of Bimini’s staple dish at Stuart’s Conch Stand or Joe’s Conch Shack. Each open-air rustic shack is located right off the beach, sourcing and serving fresh conch salad daily.

MRM[Satisfy your sweet tooth with a bite of Bimini bread. Pick up a loaf of this soft, sweet, and buttery bread at a variety of nearby bakeries. You’ll find that many dishes on the island are made with Bimini bread dough, like the succulent pizza from local favorite Edith’s Pizza. This popular restaurant serves freshly baked pies, made with the sweet dough. Top it with the flavors of the sea, including lobster, conch, and shrimp.]

Explore The Legendary S.S. Sapona Shipwreck

Uncover the legend of the S.S. Sapona. Built for WWI but completed too late, this historic artifact turned into a warehouse for alcohol during the Prohibition era until it ran aground in a hurricane. Today, over 80 years later, the S.S. Sapona serves as home to a vibrant array of tropical fish and sea creatures.

MRM[Travel by boat just three miles south of Bimini and jump right into the warm water. We’ll teach you more about the history and myths of this famous shipwreck, and let your imagination run wild as you snorkel through the artifact.]

Sip From The Fountain Of Youth

Go back in time to 1513, when Spanish explorer Ponce de León sailed the Caribbean Sea searching for the famed Fountain of Youth. The site was rumored to contain magical powers and restore youth to the old.

MRM[Ponce de León found Bimini, but never discovered the fountain. Locals today refer to a well sitting by the road in South Bimini as the long lost relic. Carved out of limestone rock by groundwater thousands of years ago, the well is said to maintain its mystical healing powers. Sip the cool water and see if it truly holds its famed potency.]