Break Free
With The 12 Days Of Spa Sweepstakes

TThe end of the year is a time for reflection. It’s a time to set new intentions for the upcoming year, and to release the tensions and worries of the former. It’s a clean slate, a chance to break free from the past, and set sights on the new. 2018 is quickly approaching, and we have the perfect place to jumpstart the start of your new calendar.

Bustling turquoise waves, pristine blue skies, and the most spectacular sunsets you’ll ever feast your eyes on. Serenity abounds in Bimini, and we can’t imagine a more relaxing setting than this private island getaway to wrap up 2017… so we’re helping you get there.

Resorts World Bimini is proud to announce the 12 Days of Spa Sweepstakes. For 12 glorious days leading up to Christmas, we’re giving out one exclusive spa treatment a day – and the prizes only get bigger and better. Every day, you’ll have the opportunity to enter to win a day of luxury at Resorts World Bimini’s Serenity Spa and Salon , all leading up to the ultimate grand prize. Take a peek at the luxury that awaits you on the last six days of the sweepstakes.


Full Body Exfoliation + Full Body Spray Tan

Scrub off the bad and soak in the good with this revitalizing treatment. Your full body exfoliation begins with a natural-hair body brush scrub, removing any and all dead skin cells. Next up, enjoy the energizing properties of a lemon coffee blossom olive stone scrub. Lemon acts as an astringent to cleanse the surface of the skin, leaving you shimmery and spotless. Once your exfoliation process is complete, let the bronze glow begin. You’ll receive a full body spray tan, completing your luxury treatment.


Total Bliss

Total Bliss is the most popular treatment at Serenity Spa and Salon, and it isn’t hard to see why. In 80 glorious minutes, you’ll get the best of both worlds with a customized facial and massage. Total Bliss, as all treatments at Serenity Spa and Salon, begins with a personal consultation. Your therapist will evaluate your daily stresses, muscle tensions, and skin regimen to suggest the best treatment to fit your unique needs. Haven’t had a facial in a while, or ever? Your skin will thank you for a deep cleansing vitamin C facial. Having trouble sleeping? Get ready for the sweetest of dreams after a relaxing Icelandic and jasmine oil massage. Your body has never been pampered quite like this.


Essential 5 Dream Massage

A great massage relies heavily on two things – oil and technique. The two come together in perfect harmony with the Essential 5 Dream Massage. Your treatment begins with a personalized consultation, where a therapist will match your ailments to the healing properties of a variety of essential oils. Your unique menu of oils will be combined to create the exact tonic your body’s been craving. If you’re tense, nervous, or experiencing pain, lavender will definitely be in the mix. Lacking energy? Peppermint will liven your spirit. Need some positivity? Sweet orange is the uplifting potion you need. And if a deep detox is what your body is lacking, cypress is your answer. No matter what your body desires, guaranteed our spa specialists will find the answer in the power of essential oils. When your perfect mix of oils is complete, your therapist will decide which massage application technique is right for you. Whether that be the soothing strokes of effleurage, the kneading movements of petrissage, a few brisk tapotement chops, or a combination of them all, you’ll soon realize why the Essential 5 Dream Massage is so dreamlike.


Icelandic Moonflower Dream Ritual

This ritual is for those who can’t seem to get the good night’s sleep their body needs. Icelandic Moonflower is a potent natural remedy for insomnia. With the oil derived from this exotic flower, our therapists perform a ritual sure to inspire a deep, sweet sleep. This treatment contains three segments, each flowing seamlessly from one to the next. Your ritual begins with a salt-based exfoliation, releasing dead skin cells and inviting the new. Next, your therapist will perform a full-body massage, utilizing the ultra-healing properties of Icelandic moonflower essential oil. To seal the ritual, you’ll receive a head-to-toe Icelandic moonflower lotion application. With the soothing strokes of the effleurage technique and the sweet scent of the Icelandic moonflower, you’ll find yourself falling into a dreamlike lull.


Deep Purification Rhassoul Wrap & Cardamom Massage

Calling all adventurous spa-goers! There’s nothing ordinary about the Deep Purification Rhassoul Wrap & Cardamom Massage. The treatment begins with a warm wrap, where your entire body will be covered in ultra-healing rhassoul clay. Rhassoul is a natural mineral clay mined from the Atlas Mountains of Morocco. When combined with water, it turns into a deeply detoxifying and hydrating tool. While your body soaks up all the goodness of the clay, your therapist will give you an acupressure facial massage, relaxing the facial muscles and soothing the surface with rose oil. Your purification treatment ends with a warm full body massage. With cardamom amber oil spread along your muscles, your body will release all tension.


GRAND PRIZE: 2-Night Trip To Resorts World Bimini + Round-Trip Transportation + Couples Massage

Grand prizes don’t get much better than this. Enter on the last day of the 12 Days of Spa Sweepstakes for the chance of a lifetime. You and one guest will be whisked away to beautiful Bimini for a two-night getaway in one of our luxury accommodations. In between roaming the intimate island by golf cart, tasting incredible fusion dishes by world-renowned chefs, and snorkeling through sunken shipwrecks, make sure to make time for your luxury spa treatment. The signature Couples Massage is as personalized as it gets. Your treatment begins with a consultation between you and your therapist, where they’ll decide the perfect mixture of essential oils and healing natural ingredients for your body. Enjoy your massage side-by-side your guest in a room with floor-to-ceiling glass windows, boasting incredible views of the surrounding turquoise ocean.

Wrap up 2017 and start the new year on a completely revitalized note. A trip to the hidden gem of the Bahamas will give you a refreshed perspective on starting the new year with positivity. Click here to enter the 12 Days of Spa Sweepstakes. Our spa therapists have one common goal in mind: to help you feel free with a revitalized state of body, mind, and soul.