Life In Bimini Bliss Employee Spotlights

WWe travel to discover breathtaking landscapes we’ve only seen through Instagram. To take a momentary break from our day-to-day life and move to a different beat. To try new, tantalizing flavors and learn about unique cultures. And inevitably, during all this excitement – we are able to connect with people that make our vacation beyond memorable.

On your getaway to Bimini, you’ll be greeted by much more than luxurious accommodations, stunning turquoise waters, and miles of white sand beaches. The moment you step foot ashore, smiling faces are there to welcome you and ensure your experience in Bimini flows as smoothly as possible. From giving meaning to the saying “home away from home,” to sharing on-island insider tips, our staff at Resorts World Bimini can’t wait to welcome you to the charming island they call home. Find out a little more about some of the friendly faces on property, and what makes them so passionate about Bimini’s hospitality.

The Worth Of A Warm Welcome

Your experience in luxury begins as soon you enter the doors of our sleek, modern lobby and are greeted by the most cheerful of faces. One of them belonging to our Front Desk Supervisor, Hope. When asked to describe herself with three attributes, her response is “sassy, family-oriented, and easy to get along with,” but while working front desk, that first description can only be felt as passion for her job. As one of the first impressions placed on our guests upon entering the resort, Hope is an important part of our family, and knows how to make everyone feel like they belong.

Originally from Nassau, but having grown up in Bimini, she considers the island her home – one that has embraced her with open arms. She transmits that same feeling of welcome to each guest and yearns for them to experience the beauty of the island firsthand. Her recommendation for an ideal day on island? An action-packed day filled with watersports, swimming with the dolphins, conch shacks, and straw markets – if it’s local-run, it’s worth it. Hope exudes exactly what makes Bimini’s hospitality so unique. Her family-oriented personality isn’t confined to her home; she brings her welcoming warmth with her to work every single day, and to every single guest.

The Meaning Of Island Life

When vacationing in Bimini, you’d better believe you’ll spend a good amount of time feasting. And if there’s one restaurant on property that will captivate your heart, it’s The Tides. This main dining hall boasts an incredible buffet by morning and a delectable menu of world cuisine by night – but what may keep you coming back for more isn’t just the food, it’s the smiling faces that accompany the dishes. While digging into the Bimini bread French toast in the AM or the catch of the day in the PM, you’ll most likely find yourself conversing with Ron.

Born and raised in Freeport, Grand Bahama Island, Ron has a unique perspective on what makes Bimini unique in comparison to other Bahamian islands. “Bimini is slower. You can really take advantage and enjoy the island life in Bimini.” Visiting Bimini gives you the opportunity to not only relax and rejuvenate, but also to take a piece of island life back home. What exactly is “island life”? Spend some time around Ron and you’ll quickly understand. It’s about taking the time to enjoy the little moments in life, to relish in the beauty that surrounds you, to lay back and find the value in not taking life too seriously. When asked what makes Ron happiest, his first response is “when I’m chilled” – a simple answer with a deeper meaning that so many of us can learn from. Guests will find themselves enamored by Ron not just because he gives his all to his day-to-day, but because he exudes the purest meaning of “island life.”

The Beauty Of Simplicity

“Short, dark, and handsome,” it’s hard to miss Stephen. Explore the resort and you might find him painting beautiful colors on the buildings – but chances are you’ll find him sprucing up just about anything. A true fix-it-all talent, Stephen is ready to jump into any task at any moment. This Andros native says Bimini reminds him of home, quiet and family-oriented, Bimini is the perfect place to live a life of ease. After speaking with Stephen for a few minutes, you start to understand why he and his coworkers find such happiness living in Bimini – simplicity.

His favorite spot on island? The east end of Bimini, boasting long stretches of quiet, untouched coastline. What’s his favorite food? Local fare. Peas and rice, baked chicken, and macaroni (island-style, of course). What makes him most happy? Knowing he’s helped a guest, even in the tiniest of ways. Answering a question. Directing them to Resorts World Bimini’s amenities and services. Putting a smile on their face. When asked for a memorable moment in his career, he looked back at his time in transportation, driving the tram around the island. One day, he noticed a passenger who was down, so he made the effort to cheer her up with simple conversation. For the next two days, the same woman returned to ride the tram with Stephen, coming back for his undeniable charm and uplifting spirit.

The Secret To Bimini’s Hospitality

If there’s one thing in common between all of Resorts World Bimini’s employees, it’s that the most memorable moments are the simplest. Giving a guest an insider recommendation. Taking a moment to ask a guest if their stay is enjoyable – and if not, what can they do to change that. Putting a smile on someone’s face. The value they put in the little things add up to a much bigger picture. Bimini’s hospitality exudes from every single Biminite. It’s about sharing the meaning of island life and giving guests a taste of how beautiful it is to enjoy the simple moments in life, and the beauty that surrounds you. No doubt, it’s easy to do so when you’re in a place as otherworldly as Bimini.