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Top 5 Reasons To Spend Spring Break In Bimini

family lounging at breakers

Spring Break isn’t just for students. It’s the commemoration of a fresh start. It’s for anyone who needs a good break from the everyday, or even just a relaxing weekend getaway. An opportunity to reconnect with family and friends. To find a renewed sense of adventure. To escape for a moment and refresh your entire perspective… at least that’s what Spring Break is in Bimini. In some places, the...

Valentine’s Day In Bimini, Bahamas

couple on boat

When it comes to romance, few settings can rival the Bahamas. The soothing sounds of gentle ocean waves, the feeling of soft sand under your feet, and the beauty of turquoise waters all contribute to an amorous atmosphere. And when it comes to destinations, not all can come close to offering both romance and adventure quite like Bimini. If you’re lucky enough to be spending Valentine’s Day in...

In Memoriam:
Martin Luther King Jr.’s
50-Year Legacy In Bimini
& Across The World

Martin Luther King Jr.

“… Peace Is More Precious Than Diamonds Or Silver Or Gold.” Civil rights icon Martin Luther King Jr. concluded his Nobel Peace Prize acceptance speech in Norway with this powerful remark, moving humanity towards freedom from all hate, prejudices, and cruelty. He urged everyone to embrace one another’s differences and find love as a common ground. This was the foundation of King’s campaign...

Putting A Twist
On Your
New Year’s Resolutions

woman walking on beach

Be honest, do you keep your New Year’s resolutions? As staunch as you may be in setting your list for 2018, national statistics simply aren’t on your side. Research shows that less than 10% of people stick to their resolutions, yet we continue to set new ones year after year. Wondering why we can’t seem to keep the promises we make to ourselves? According to leading experts in behavior...

Break Free
With The 12 Days Of Spa Sweepstakes


The end of the year is a time for reflection. It’s a time to set new intentions for the upcoming year, and to release the tensions and worries of the former. It’s a clean slate, a chance to break free from the past, and set sights on the new. 2018 is quickly approaching, and we have the perfect place to jumpstart the start of your new calendar. Bustling turquoise waves, pristine blue skies, and...