Putting A Twist
On Your
New Year’s Resolutions

BBe honest, do you keep your New Year’s resolutions? As staunch as you may be in setting your list for 2018, national statistics simply aren’t on your side. Research shows that less than 10% of people stick to their resolutions, yet we continue to set new ones year after year. Wondering why we can’t seem to keep the promises we make to ourselves?

According to leading experts in behavior change, the number one issue with common new year’s resolutions is just that – they’re too common. They’re generic. They’re boring. They’re unspecific. They’re the same goals you make every year, and the same goals that every other person makes every year.

To welcome 2018, we’re helping you put a twist on your goals, defy statistics, and finally follow through on those self-promises. We took eight of the most generic new year’s resolutions and spiced them up – Bimini style.

1. Travel More

Let’s start with this one, but let’s rephrase it. When one says they want to travel more, typically they have an idea of unreachable distances. Maybe Greece, Thailand, or even Fiji comes to mind. But why set your sights only on places so far? As the saying goes, sometimes the answer is right under your nose. In this case, the answer is only 50 miles from the coast of South Florida, a mere 30-minute flight over the sea, not to mention the closest Caribbean island to the U.S. coast. Bimini is a world of its own. The small island is filled with natural and historical treasures. And it’s waiting for you to explore.

2. Exercise More / Be Healthier


“Exercise more” is so broad. What does it mean to you? Running more than five miles non-stop? Lifting weights regularly? Or maybe it’s hitting a goal weight, or fitting into those old pair of jeans? Whatever the answer is, chances are you won’t look forward to it. And putting it off can easily lead to not even attempting to start it. The best way to conquer this tricky goal, is to disguise it. In Bimini, exercising is cleverly camouflaged as having fun. Jump in the turquoise waters and you’ll find yourself spending hours paddling amongst the most colorful fish you’ve ever seen. Snorkel and explore sunken shipwrecks from the 1920s. Or dive below the surface to discover relics from the lost city of Atlantis. Not feeling up for underwater adventure? Take a seven-mile jog from one end of the island to the other, where your prize at the end is a truly breathtaking sunset in a rainbow of colors. When you’re having fun, exercising isn’t a chore, it’s a pleasure.

3. Conquer Your Fears

We’re just going to go ahead and assume that one of those fears is swimming with sharks. And if it wasn’t already, we’re suggesting you make it one – because once you conquer one (huge) fear, it gives you the courage to take on the next. Bimini’s Triangle Rocks is home to a local community of Caribbean Reef and Nurse Sharks. The Shark Encounter excursion brings you up close and personal with these magnificent creatures, completely free of cages. Our guides make sure you know the proper protocol for entering the home of these wild beauties. When you’re face to face with over 10 feet of carnivorous mass, there’s nothing else you can’t do.

4. Reduce Stress

It’s no coincidence we’re following up number three with this one. People are constantly looking for ways to reduce stress – but often don’t see just how simple it can be. One of the best solutions to stress: spend time in the great outdoors. Mother Nature is incredibly powerful. Spending just 15 minutes a day in nature can boost focus, ease anxiety, increase levels of “feel good” hormones like dopamine, and increase intake of vitamin D. Bimini is a nature’s paradise. Giant conch shells scatter the sands of the secluded beaches that surround the island. Take in the turquoise vistas or soak in the waters to feel the healing powers of the ocean. Or venture through the island’s nature trails filled with exotic plants and wildlife, that almost always end in yet another breathtaking beach.

5. Learn Something New

The best way to learn something new is to immerse yourself in it. And since something could literally be anything, why not make it a subject that matters? Ask any local who Bimini’s most beloved guide and revered fly fisherman is, and they’ll tell you one name: Ansil Saunders. Sure, he can impart his knowledge on bonefishing and boat building, but he’s got something much more important to share. In 1964, the legend met one of history’s most honored leaders in the Civil Rights Movement, none other than Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Saunders became King’s personal boat guide and confidant, leading him into the mangroves to find inspiration to write his Nobel Peace Prize acceptance speech, and once again in 1968 to write his sanitations workers speech – the last oration King would ever deliver. Today, Ansil offers personal boat tours to visitors, leading them into the exact spot that gave King the inspiration to change the world. It’s not about learning something new, it’s about experiencing it.

6. Meet New People

“Meeting new people” is a superficial goal. It rarely goes beyond the typical exchange of hello and goodbye. If you really want to get to know new people, invest in their passions. You might just discover a similar passion within yourself. In Bimini, locals are known for their warm, friendly disposition, always ready to share stories and advice on the subjects that matter to them. Roam the streets and discover what makes Biminites so passionate about their island. Taste the rivaling flavors of Stuart’s Conch Stand and Joe’s Conch Shack, and get to know why each is so passionate about the Bimini staple. Stop inside a local bakery and you’ll find a family who has passed down a beloved recipe for Bimini bread dough from generation to generation. Take a peek inside the Dolphin House, where you’ll find the most passionate of all, Ashley Saunders. The Dolphin House is built from 100% reclaimed beach material – sand, shells, and relics he found himself on the beach. His home and museum is an ode to his love for wild dolphins. Showing an interest in someone else’s passions is sure create meaningful connections.

7. Spend More Time With The People That Matter

There’s really no twisting this one. But when it comes to spending time with those you care about most, quality is the keyword. It’s not about spending time, it’s about sharing laughs, exchanging thoughts, and experiencing new things – together. Find both quiet moments and moments of thrill in your trip to Bimini. The island welcomes travelers – whether it’s groups of friends, couples, or families – to step beyond their comfort zones with swimming amongst wild dolphins, feeding stingrays, and scuba diving to the depths of the turquoise sea. But it also offers the chance to do nothing at all. Sit on the shore and collectively enjoy the gentle lap of the waves, lounge by the pool and share cherished stories as you sip on cocktails, and share quality conversations over a quality meal.

8. Stop Procrastinating

No one is completely immune to procrastination. But those who do less thinking and do more doing tend to come out triumphant. So, what do you want to stop procrastinating on? Chores, personal projects, or new hobbies? Our recommendation: stop procrastinating on goals one through seven. You make New Year’s resolutions for a reason – to accomplish them. With a trip to Bimini, you’re bound to knock out eight of the most notorious resolutions, and become one of the elite 10%. We’ll help you get there.