The Bimini Nature Trail

WWe’ve just discovered the tour of all Bimini tours. Have you ever sipped the waters of a mystical fountain? Strolled through a jungle with rare tropical birds and slithering boas? Or swam amongst nurse sharks pacing the shore? The Bimini Nature Trail is the most diverse of all excursions. Take this once in a lifetime opportunity to explore each of Bimini’s most popular attractions. Split into four parts, the tour takes you through the historical sites, natural wonders, and marine ecosystem of the island.

Start your day off in North Bimini, where you’ll take a 20-minute boat ride towards the South where your journey will begin. Enjoy the picturesque ride as the tour guides explain the history of the towns that you pass along the way. Step onto South Bimini ground and board a spacious, air-conditioned bus that will take you to your first stop – the Fountain of Youth. Listen in as your guides take you back in time to 1513, when Spanish explorer Ponce de Leon sailed the Caribbean Sea searching for the famed Fountain of Youth. The site was rumored to contain magical powers and restore youth to the old. Ponce de Leon found Bimini but never discovered the fountain. Locals today refer a well sitting by the road in South Bimini as the long lost fountain, where your guides will lead you to experience what Ponce de Leon could only dream of. Carved out of limestone rock by ground water thousands of years ago, the well is said to maintain its mystical healing powers. Tour guides will pull buckets of crisp water out of the well to give visitors the chance to drink the cool water and see if it truly holds its famed potency.

After testing out the waters of the fountain, hop back on the bus and travel towards the next stop on the tour with the namesake of the excursion – the nature trail. Walk through the winding jungle path with your tour guide and learn about all of the intriguing plants and wildlife that scatter the land. The tour guides are true experts on every aspect of the island and provide bits of information you’d never expect to hear. Learn about the plants that have healing powers and those that are poisonous, including the local gum, elemi, palms, poisonwood, and five finger. Walk past trees with giant termite nests, slithering Bimini boas, iguanas, and a large variety of beautiful birds. If you’d rather walk along your own pace, you’ll be able to stop and learn about the nature with informative signs stationed along the path. One of the most intriguing aspects of the path is The Window to The World, a large window sitting propped up on top of a cliff overlooking the blue sea. Stop along the way and look out through the window over the Bimini Beach. Feel the breeze of the Caribbean waves and see the world through the island’s eyes. After about a 45-minute walk, hop back on the bus for a short ride to your next adventure.

Your next stop is the perfect moment to let go of all inhibitions. Ready to become friends with sharks? The Bimini Shark Lab is an incredible international research facility that aims to understand the biology of sharks and rays, educate students and visitors on the creatures, and enhance awareness by making their findings public. Scientists from around the world come to Bimini to live and work in the facility… 24/7. You’ll never meet people more engaged with the creatures. With up to 17 people living and working there at a time, the facility is constantly producing the latest research on all kinds of sharks and rays. If the weather permits, you’ll be able to wade out to pens close to the shore to swim amongst and pet a host of nurse sharks. If the tide is too high, your guides will bring the sharks to you so you won’t miss the chance to pet these magnificent creatures. Listen and learn about how Bimini is a mecca for all marine life, home to countless beautiful fish that circle the waters of the island.

Your last stop at Shell Beach perfectly wraps up the entire tour. Take the time to lounge out on the spread of white sand and have a picnic with some local specialties. Taste the fluffy deliciousness of Bimini bread and cool off with an array of local drinks. Swim through the cool ocean waves or take a walk along the coast before heading back to the boat. Within only 20 minutes, you’ll be back on North Bimini with a host of memories and knowledge on the history and nature of the island. The tour guides that lead you through each site will leave you in awe with the passion that they have for Bimini, and give you a reason to be passionate about the island, too. Of all the Bimini tours that you may take on the island, none will give you a taste of the heart and soul of Bimini quite like the Bimini Nature Trail.