The Perfect Mother’s Day Weekend Getaway

LLast-minute family travel isn’t a phrase you typically hear. It’s paradoxical, maybe even unfathomable. Traveling with the whole squad often requires a lot of time, a lot of planning, and a lot of stress. But what if we told you we’ve created the perfect last-minute vacation for the whole family? The perfect place for a quick, easy, and exciting Mother’s Day weekend escape… welcome to Bimini, Bahamas – the closest Caribbean island to the US coast.

We’ve taken the stress out of the planning by drafting up the essential Mother’s Day weekend itinerary. Get ready for the perfect balance of bonding, relaxing, and adventure.


9:00 AM | Our perfect Mother’s Day weekend begins with a quick 2-hour ferry ride from the Port of Miami. Take in the views of the gentle waves as they turn from deep blue to vibrant turquoise as we get closer to the island. Before you know it, you’ve arrived to your private island paradise.

11:00 AM | Hello sunshine! Bimini’s never looked this beautiful. Your ferry arrives directly to the gorgeous resort. Check in, walk up your suite, check out the views of the bay, test out the bed, unpack, or don’t.

12:07 PM | When you’re sleepy and hungry at the same time, there’s really only one solution – hit the pool. Head to the ground-floor lagoon-style pool for some ultimate sun soaking. When you’re ready to feast, sit with the whole fam at the swim-up bar and order your favorite kabob paired with a tropical cocktail.

1:46 PM | Claim your lounge chairs and umbrellas and soak it all in – the cool breezes, the yachts passing along the bay, and the feeling of pure bliss.

3:01 PM | Still lounging – nothing better than this.

4:50 PM | Actually… there might be something better. Head up to Serenity Spa and Salon to surprise mom with a treat she’s only seen in the movies. What’s more symbolic of Mother’s Day than a bouquet of flowers? Well, we’ve got something even better…

5:00 PM | SURPRISE! Mom, you’re in for the spa experience of a lifetime. The Organic Exfoliating Body Treatment and Aromatherapeutic Massage is a dream come true. This diverse treatment uses the healing powers of organic flowers and exotic plant oils to provide a nourishing exfoliation, massage, and lotion application. Your mom’s never going to forget the flowers you got her this Mother’s Day.

8:06 PM | It’s time to feast. The first dinner of your weekend escape should be one to remember. So, we’re starting it off at the Sushi Bar. This resort-favorite was created by Top Chef winner, Chef Hung Huynh. Gather around the family-style tables and choose from a selection of delicious sushi rolls, nigiri, sashimi, or a noodle dish – because who doesn’t love a huge bowl of noodles?

9:31 PM | Time to hit the hay. We’ve got quite the adventure planned for tomorrow!


8:37 AM | What time is it? Oh… nope.

10:04 AM | Zzzzzz…

11:13 AM | Okay, I guess it’s time to get up.

12:06 PM | When you’re on vacation, forget breakfast and head straight to lunch. If there’s one place to grab a family-style beachside feast at the resort, it’s Luna Beach. Head to the resort’s newest luxury lifestyle restaurant and beach club, praised by Conde Nast Traveler as one the Bahamas’ newest destination hotspots. Take in the gorgeous views of the rolling waves as you indulge on gourmet, organic dishes.

1:02 PM | Time to explore the island beyond the resort. Bimini is only seven miles long – so our choice of travel? Golf cart.

1:30 PM | Rent your golf carts at the front desk, hop in, and start driving south – you’ll discover quaint local homes, rustic conch shacks, white-sand beaches lined with giant conch shells, and historic treasures.

3:18 PM | Speaking of historic treasures, nothing says family-time like a little history lesson. We promise this will be a fun one. Today, you’re meeting with Ansil Saunders, local boat builder and renowned personal guide of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Ansil offers a world of knowledge to all he meets, and now he’s ready to share his incredible stories, just for you and your family. Walk into Ansil’s ocean-side boathouse and you’ll see history come to life. Sit back amongst Ansil’s boats and he’ll take you back to the times he spent with Dr. King, guiding him out into the mangroves to find inspiration to change the world.

4:32 PM | Since we’re on a historic note, let’s make a pit stop at one of Bimini’s most prized treasures, the Dolphin House. Ashley Saunders (yup, Ansil’s brother) created this building with 100% recyclable materials he sourced in Bimini – sand, conch shells, stones, and sea glass. A home, museum, and landmark all in one, the Dolphin House is Ashley’s ode to the island and its native dolphins, carrying an eclectic array of memorabilia. Guests are always invited to walk in and listen to Ashley’s tales of Bimini’s history.

6:45 PM | While you’re cruising back to the resort, catch the unbelievably colorful sunset over the horizon of Bimini’s stunning waters. Hope you brought your cameras, there’s nothing more picture-perfect than this.

7:35 PM | Back at the resort and we’re ready to feast. Exploring has us all worked up quite the appetite! And we know the best place to indulge. Traveling with the family can sometimes be tough because everyone’s got a different idea of the “perfect meal.” Lucky for you, the Tides provides the best options from around the world, so everyone stays happy. Choose from fresh seafood favorites, herbed roasted chicken, lobster truffle mac and cheese, or a crispy flatbread.

8:50 PM | It’s Mother’s Day – so you can’t forget dessert. Can’t choose one? That’s okay, we’re ready to bring the whole lot to the table. Say hello to fluffy tiramisu, fresh panna cotta, keylime cheesecake, saffron cannolis, and just about every gelato flavor you can imagine.

10:26 PM | End your Mother’s Day getaway with a stroll through the Mega Yacht Marina, gazing up at the twinkling Bimini sky, reminiscing with your loved ones over your perfect weekend escape.

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