Top 5 Reasons To Spend Spring Break In Bimini

SSpring Break isn’t just for students. It’s the commemoration of a fresh start. It’s for anyone who needs a good break from the everyday, or even just a relaxing weekend getaway. An opportunity to reconnect with family and friends. To find a renewed sense of adventure. To escape for a moment and refresh your entire perspective… at least that’s what Spring Break is in Bimini.

In some places, the beginning of spring means a couple new leaves budding off the trees, the temperature rising a few degrees, and the shedding of maybe one layer of winter gear. Spring Break family vacations should be full of life, sunshine, and excitement. In Bimini, spring might as well be called summer. The sun shines bright from early morning to late night, the turquoise waves never looked more vibrant, and Mother Nature’s in full bloom – from the bustling marine life below the sea to the lush green foliage that covers the island.

If you’re looking for a reason to escape to the Hidden Gem of the Bahamas this spring, we’ve got a few insights that might convince you. Here’s our list of the top five things you’ll find during your Spring Break getaway.


Nothing exudes peace quite like gently swaying palm trees and warm breezes. Bimini is the quintessential symbol of island life. Walk around and you’ll find Biminites living their life in the slow lane. With an average population of only about 2,000 people spread across the 7-mile island, Bimini offers an intimate private island getaway. Take a tour from one end to the other by golf cart and you’ll find yourself laying back just like a local.


We’re getting deep with this one. Something you might just find in Bimini? A renewed sense of self. From April 20-22, our on-property lifestyle and beach club, Luna Beach, will be hosting an Earth Day Yoga Retreat. Reconnect with yourself to the backdrop of Bimini’s healing turquoise waters with a host of transformative activities: daily yoga, sunset meditation, sound healing, holistic ceremonies, and much more. Top your retreat experience with delicious vegetarian-friendly dining options to complement your newfound inner bliss.


This might be the opposite of insights 1-2, but vacations are all about choices, right? While some find their fill of fun in relaxation, others look for something a little more thrilling. Pump up the adrenaline by challenging yourself to one of our thrilling excursions. Snorkel through a mysterious shipwreck from the 1920s, swim with a resident population of Atlantic Spotted Dolphins in the wild, feed and pet a family of stingrays swarming around your feet, or go for the most thrilling of all… Dive into the deep blue waters of Triangle Rocks, home to a local community of Caribbean Reef and Nurse Sharks. Snorkel amongst these magnificent creatures in their natural habitat, completely free of cages.

Lady Luck

Looking for a rush of adrenaline minus the sharks? We’ve got the perfect solution. The Resorts World Bimini casino is the first in the world to boast panoramic water views, offering the thrill of a world-class casino with every table game and slot machine that you could desire. To celebrate the end of tax season, from April 13-15, we welcome you to try your hand at our Tax Day Blackjack Tournament for the chance to win $100,000. The spring fortune doesn’t stop there! Join us the following weekend, from April 27-29, and you can take home $25,000 at our epic Slot Tournament. We can’t imagine a better souvenir to take back home in memory of your Spring Break in the Bahamas.


Do insights 1-4 sound like too much effort? Lucky for you, we’ve got one last option that might peek your fancy – doing absolutely nothing. Bimini is perfect for the traveler who wants to sit back and relax in lazy bliss. Swap your TV screens for a breathtaking view of Bimini’s turquoise ocean – truly the bluest thing you’ve ever seen. Spend your days soaking up the sun at one of Bimini’s many white-sand beaches, collect giant conch shells that scatter the shores, or just lay out all day by the pool. Who said being lazy is a bad thing?

Make your Spring Break impactful. Even the shortest of getaways in Bimini make a statement, giving visitors meaningful experiences and lasting memories. A trip to the island this spring may leave you with a few things: inner peace, a refreshed sense of self, a newfound source of bravery, and $100,000 (if you’re lucky).