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Embrace The Excitement Of Bimini

Embark on the adventure of a lifetime.

Bimini’s World-Renowned Waters

The SportFishing Capital of the World

A Diver’s Paradisefilled with vibrant marine life

A Variety Ofexcursions and water activities available

Bimini’s World-Renowned Waters

The Bahamas’ Premier Destination For
Fishing & Diving

Bimini’s beauty lies in the vast Caribbean Sea that surrounds the intimate island. Its turquoise waters are a treasure trove open for exploration and discovery. Visit Resorts World Bimini’s on-property water sports center, Bimini Undersea, and plan your adventure with equipment rentals, guided tours, and personal instruction.

MRM[Glide along the surface of Paradise Beach with a glass-bottom kayak, or ride the waves with jet skis. Snorkel or scuba dive through the waters and discover an underwater world of preserved coral reefs populated by a kaleidoscopic display of sea life. Colorful vegetation, stingrays, manta rays, a large variety of fish, and 45 different species of sharks call Bimini home.]

MRM[Dive deep within the waters just beyond the resort’s beaches and uncover the legend of Atlantis in the rock formations of the Bimini Road. Or swim through legendary shipwrecks with mysteries unsolved.

Fishing enthusiasts will find themselves enamored with the heavily populated waters. Bimini holds the title of Sport Fishing Capital of the World for a good reason. String up a rod and cast a line amongst thousands of schools of fish. Anglers will find great fishing year-round with Resorts World Bimini’s daily charters.]

Resorts World Bimini Fishing Charters

Bimini is a sporting fisher’s paradise. Sitting on the edge of the Gulfstream and the westernmost edge of the Bahamas, Bimini is the perfect location for access to the tropical north-flowing current of warm waters, replete with fish of all varieties. Charter a boat and cast a line into the world of marine life that swarms Bimini’s turquoise waters.

MRM[Reel in trigger fish, bonefish, snapper, grouper, marlin, swordfish, tuna, wahoo, tarpon, barracuda, amberjack, permit, mackerel, and kingfish. Conditions for fishing in Bimini are perfect year-round, making it a highly popular destination for fishing tournaments and events.]

Daily Charters Information
Charter boat: Gamefish Sea Hunt 27
Seats up to 6 passengers
Captain, gear, bait, and bottled water are all included in both half-day and full-day charters

Half-day charters
Starting at $525
Two Schedule Options: Depart at 8 AM and return at noon or depart at 1 PM and return at 5 PM

MRM[Full-Day Charters
Starting at $1,050
Schedule: Depart at 8 AM and return at 4 PM
Book both time slots for full-day charters

Fishing Options Available:
Offshore fishing
Inshore fishing
Bottom fishing]

- Meeting point is Resorts World Bimini Dock
- Check-in should be 30 minutes prior to the tour’s scheduled departure time

Underwater Wonders

50 Record-Settingcatches

Over 45species of sharks

Diverse Preserveof coral reefs

Ancient RelicsFrom The Lost City of Atlantis

Underwater Wonders

A Diver’s
Underwater Paradise

Divers from around the world visit Bimini to discover an unparalleled underwater world of color. Visit Resorts World Bimini’s on-property full-service water sports center, Bimini Undersea, to plan your diving adventure.

As a certified PADI Dive Center, they’ll tailor your dive to your level of experience, length of stay, and number of guests. Dives range from 15-130 feet, and each trip is supervised by Bimini Undersea’s professional dive staff.

Contact Bimini Undersea to book your adventure at 786.462.4641 (US) or 242.347.2941 (Bahamas) .

Explore Bimini’s Best Excursions

Immerse yourself in Bimini’s natural wonders with a variety of excursions. Jump into Bimini’s clear waters and uncover the mysteries of sunken ships, swim with wild dolphins, or dive with sharks in the wild.

Embark on a guided Jet Ski Tour along Bimini’s stunning coast. Trek through the jungle and discover legendary landmarks and hidden beaches. Resorts World Bimini’s excursions take you on the adventure of a lifetime.

Sapona Shipwreck Snorkeling Adventure

Snorkel through the legendary S.S. Sapona Shipwreck, an artifact now home to a colorful display of marine life.

Double Site Snorkel Adventure

Discover abundant marine life at two of Bimini’s top snorkel sites, including the infamous S.S. Sapona Shipwreck.

Wild Dolphin Expedition

Grab the once in a lifetime opportunity to swim with Bimini’s resident population of Atlantic spotted dolphins in the wild.

Shark Encounter

Conquer your fears in this thrilling excursion that takes you on the dive of a lifetime.

Stingray Excursion

Boat to Honeymoon Harbor, where you’ll have the unique opportunity to swim, feed, and interact with stingrays in this exciting excursion.

Bimini Heritage & Nature Tour

Explore North and South Bimini’s most historic sites by land and sea in the Bimini Heritage & Nature Tour.

Jet Ski Tour

Speed through turquoise waves and stunning sightseeing opportunities on the Jet Ski Tour.

An Island Full of Water Activities

Explore Bimini’s turquoise waters at your leisure with a variety of water activities. Resorts World Bimini’s on-property water sports center helps guests choose the perfect activity for a day of Bimini Bliss.

From serene relaxation to exhilarating adventures, there’s an activity catered for every guest. Race on a jet ski through the stunning blue waters, marvel at vibrant marine life swimming below your glass-bottom kayak, or watch the sunset from an ocean water hammock.

Jet Ski Rental

Race through the waves in one of the most popular water activities available.

Banana Boat

Hop on the most exhilarating boat ride of your life. Hold on tight; you just might fall off into Paradise Beach’s crystal clear waters!

Glass Bottom Kayak

Take your adventure up a notch with a glass-bottom kayak, giving you a glimpse of Bimini’s vast underwater world.


Paddle along as you take in each breathtaking sight surrounding you along Paradise Beach.


Paddle boating is the perfect activity for those wishing to truly soak in every inch of beauty along Paradise Beach.

Water Bikes

This unique aqua cycle functions as a bike in water. Paddle along the waters of Paradise Beach for picture perfect views of the coast.

Ocean Water Hammock

Nothing is more relaxing than laying in a hammock, simply enjoying the Caribbean breeze.