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Explore Bimini’s Most Beautiful Beaches

Jump into the shimmering turquoise coast.

White-Sand On-Property Beaches

Soft white sand, clear aqua water, and colorful shells scattered across the shore. Bimini’s beaches are a dream, frequented by travelers across the world. Resorts World Bimini offers guests exclusive access to the on-property Paradise Beach, an uncrowded, unspoiled stretch of soft blue waves. MRM[The sunrises and sunsets over Paradise Beach are absolutely breathtaking, casting a rainbow palette of colors across the horizon.]

MRM[Find the perfect spot for your beach chair and lounge all day. Or visit our on-property water sports center, Bimini Undersea, to rent a jet ski, kayak, or paddleboat to get the most of your time on the beach. Take a break from the heat at The Beach Club, a casual restaurant and bar offering grilled Bahamian specialties and a refreshing variety of drinks. Paradise Beach is the ultimate destination for a luxurious private island experience.]

Picturesque Off-Property Beaches

Venture off-property to discover all the gorgeous beaches that line the island. The first you’ll find is Porgy Bay Beach. This secluded stretch of sand will feel like your own private beach escape, filled with colorful seashells and vibrant schools of fish. MRM[If you’re looking for a little more excitement, spend your day enjoying the beauty of Radio Beach, Blister Beach, and Spook Hill.]

MRM[These three continuous beaches stretch from Alice Town to Bailey Town, boasting large conch shells covering the sand. Stop at a local conch stand while beach-hopping for a taste of the island’s most prized delicacy. Travel towards the opposite end of the island with your golf cart to get an in-depth look at the Gallant Lady. This sunken ship washed ashore and sits on the coast, beckoning visitors to explore.]